Frequently Asked Questions:

Pedals are required to have 'Isolated' power, what does this mean?

Pedals like the Faceless Fuzz can operate either on 9v battery, or 9v isolated power supply. It is extremely important (especially with germanium-based fuzzes) that your power supply provide ISOLATED power.

WARNING: Using a non-isolated supply like a daisy chain with other pedals CAN FRY the protection diode or worse, your pedal.

Most brick-style power supplies (Strymon, Ciocks, Pedal Power, TrueTone PRO series) provide isolated outputs and are safe to use. Something like a OneSpot supply with a daisy chain IS NOT.

If you are unsure if your power supply is safe to use, please contact me via the menu above and I'll be happy to confirm if your particular supply is safe. In the interim please use battery-only operation - Make sure to unplug the input jack when not in use to preserve battery power.