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Dominion Electric Effects co.

The Faceless Fuzz

The Faceless Fuzz

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Transistor Set


Made one-at-a-time in Canada, the Faceless Fuzz is a tribute to the iconic face-style fuzz of the '60s, seamlessly blending vintage character with contemporary design elements to cater to the demands of today's discerning players.

Driven by an unwavering obsession with perfecting this circuit, my journey led me to overcome the subtle quirks, resulting in what we proudly present as my favorite take on this classic fuzz. No frills, just two knobs and the truth!

At the forefront, the Level control delivers a formidable punch, capable of pushing the front end of your amp when cranked up. The Fuzz control, meticulously designed, ensures usability across its sweep. From the colossal fuzz of yesteryears to dialing it back for the ideal blend of clarity and grit, this control offers a versatile range. Explore various tones effortlessly by manipulating your guitar's volume knob once you've found that perfect setting. Dare I say, it can get 'glassy'!

Internally, the Faceless Fuzz boasts amp-level quality components harmonizing with carefully chosen NOS transistors. A bias trimmer with dual test pads enables easy fine-tuning, allowing you to sculpt the fuzz's character to your desired level of spittiness.

Built for the road, these pedals feature a pedalboard-friendly size, top-notch top-jacks, a soft-click footswitch by Gorva, and a standard DC center-pin negative power jack ready to fit into any pedalboard.

A word about transistors – the heart of this circuit. Each transistor type imparts its unique character to the sound and feel of the fuzz. Refer to the Transistor Info FAQ in the top menu for details on different types of transistors. Prices may vary based on rarity, with new options as they are available.

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  • Choice of selected NOS Germanium/Silicon transistors
  • High-quality 4-Layer PCB for a minimal noise-floor
  • Vishay film resistors
  • Sprague electrolytic capacitors
  • NOS TRW/Good-All capacitor
  • Gorva soft-click footswitch
  • 1/4" Top Jacks
  • Internal bias trimmer with test pads
  • True-Bypass switching
  • Box and carry bag included

Power Requirements:

  • 9v battery (Carbon-Zinc type recommended) or;
  • Standard 9V Center-pin Negative DC Jack (9V Isolated Power Supply Only!)

Each pedal is meticulously made-to-order and backed by a 1-year, non-transferrable warranty against operational defects. Please allow up to 10 business days for the build process. You'll receive a tracking number once your bespoke pedal is on its way.

Embrace the uniqueness of handmade items, as they may exhibit small variances in finish.


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All pedals are guaranteed against any defects for 30 days upon delivery.


4.5"H x 3.0"W x 1.3"T

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