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Dominion Electric Effects co.

Dominion Fuzz - Standard Batch

Dominion Fuzz - Standard Batch

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Transistor Set

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Introducing the Dominion Fuzz

Designed with vintage elements and utility in mind, the Dominion Fuzz is a take on the classic face-style fuzz of the '60s with multiple modern elements incorporated to meet the needs of today's player.

Made one-at-a-time in Canada, the Dominion Fuzz features a pedalboard-friendly size, top jacks, and quality components.

Having trouble choosing a transistor type? Problem solved - A top side switch allows you to toggle between two independent circuits of NOS germanium and silicon transistors, giving you access to all the classic tones we all know and love. 

Inside, there are trimmers for each of the independent circuits. A Bias (both sides) control that tailors the character of the fuzz, and a Pre-Gain (silicon side) control that works to clean up the fuzz that can be helpful with noise. These internal controls allow you to set up each circuit to your tastes and have them ready at the flick of a switch. From Spanish Castle Magic to Cliffs of Dover.

Up front the level control packs an ample amount of output to help cut through any mix, while the fuzz control is designed to sweep gradually across its entire range to help fine tune the perfect amount of square-wave saturation for any rig. 


- Selected NOS Germanium Transistors
- Selected NOS Silicon Transistors
- NOS Allen-Bradley Carbon Composition Resistors
- Wima Capacitors
- 2oz Copper Trace PCB with Gold Pads
- Internal Trimmers for Bias and Pre-Gain
- 9v Battery Clip
- 9v Standard Center pin-Negative Adapter Jack
- 1/4" Top Jacks
- Gorva Soft-click Footswitch
- Box and bag included

- Note: This is a handmade item and as such, pedals might show small variances in their finish.

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4.5"H x 3.0"W x 1.3"T

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